Lead Gun of Brinks 222K14 x SVF Ms 23M28

She is sired by the incomparable, multi trait leader, Lead Gun. Her dam is considered by many to be the modern day MVP of the Salacoa Valley Farms program, 23M28. Santa Rosa paid $12,000 for a flush from 23M28 in 2009 and in 2011, Draggin' M paid $10,000 to own her. Her grand dam, 23D2, with progeny sales totaling over $250,000, is the foundation of the 23 cow family at Salacoa Valley and is one of only two females in the Brangus Breed to be successfully cloned. 23 T721 calved first at 22 months of age and maintained a 379 day calving interval while posting progeny records of 3 @ 103 WR, 103 YR and 105 REA ratio prior to being flushed this year. 23 T721 presents impressively balanced and powerful EPD tabulations.

She records top 5% WW and REA with top 10% YW and IMF, top 15% SC while recording near breed average BW. She has 17 ET calves on the ground today at Salacoa Valley, sired by Patton and Stonewall. Out of 17 calves there are 17 keepers and several outstanding prospects. She is averaging 17 good embryos per flush and she stuck AI first service to Stonewall.