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Best Bet of Brinks 535H38 x Ms Brinks New Era 99M14
R10098836 | DOB: 8/20/07

She is a Best Bet daughter and her combination of EPDs are impressive. She ranks in the breed's top 2% for IMF and SC, top 5% Milk and top 10% BW, YW and REA when compared to all the dam's in the Brangus breed. Her first calf, a son of Uppercut, ranked at the top of the 2010 sale group and she raised him to a 112 WR, 110 YR and a 111 REA ratio. Her dam, 99M14, is a daughter of 99C9, and was our pick of the 2002 Camp Cooley Spring Heifer Calves. She recorded a 149 REA and 123 IMF ratio to propel her EPDs into the top 1% of the breed for those traits. She also recorded top 15% YW and worked well in ET to Best Bet, Sundance, High Prime and Special Addition.