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Aces TF Wrangler 145/8 x SR Cherokee Princess L119
R9656662 | DOB: 1/18/03

She is a Summit Cow and the dam of two high performing herd bulls, TCB Catawba Warrior R532 and S825. She writes impeccable EPDs ranking in the breed's top 1% for YW and Milk, 4% for WW, 5% SC and top 10% REA with positive IMF and only 1.4lb of BW. Her progeny record is equally impressive with 5 @ 113 WR, 4 @ 112 YW and 3 @ 109 REA ratios all while maintaining a 347 day calving interval before being entered into our embryo transfer program. She is big ribbed and long sided and we currently have her in our ET program. We look forward to more herd bulls to come.