New Vision of Salacoa 209Y2

New Vision_2018.JPG

Lambert x Ms Brinks Bright Side 209L11
R10204856 | Semen Available | Tested DD Free

Big enough but not too big. Just right in stature, New Vision packs a wallop in his performance numbers. He ranks in the top of the breed for several traits with an 82 pound birth weight, 15.86 REA scan and 38.2cm scrotal circumference. As impressive as his individual numbers are, they are matched by his heritage. His dam, 209L11, dominates the breed for YW and REA with values that rank 6th among active dams in the breed. She has generated over $220,000 in progeny sales at Camp Cooley, where her progeny averaged $17,000. His sire is the acknowledged IMF trait leader, Lambert. Full brothers are quickly making a name for themselves. They are Whitfield, Swift and Armour. New Vision may be the best yet!

Owned with Clover Ranch